Terms & Conditions

Warranty and Utilities Disclaimer


Right to cancel within 3 days following acceptance, thereafter a charge for materials may occur. Alterations require written order. Purchaser is responsible for permits unless stated. Fence Scapes LLC (hereafter FS) assumes no liability for zoning or HOA restrictions. Purchaser assumes liability and indemnifies FS for damage to underground construction, sprinkler liners and utilities. State laws restrict digging within 24” of utility lines. Any hidden obstacles (roots, rocks, etc.) may require additional labor and charges.

10% monthly service fee and $25 late fee will be charged if payment is not received in full upon completion. Purchaser agrees to pay all costs of collections. Funds held pending repair of defective work are limited to the greater of 10% of the sale price or reasonable valuation of defective item. Amounts held in excess will be considered delinquent and in default.

FS cannot be held responsible for unavoidable delays such as weather, soil conditions, seasonal business conditions, late shipments for materials, etc. When construction is suspended at a customer’s request, the expense of the time and travel to return and complete the job is to be charged to the customer at a rate of $60 per hour.

All measurements are approximations which may be due to terrain, aesthetics, building code requirements and otherwise. Complete re-measurements of the fence lines and gate openings may be done on completion and any overages or shortages will be debited or credited accordingly. The fence is placed as near as possible on the lines in accordance with the customer’s instructions. FS does not assume any responsibility for any infraction whatsoever of property lines. If you do not know the exact locations of your property, it is advisable to have your lot surveyed and marked prior to the start of the work. You, the customer, are solely
responsible for locating property lines. FS does not survey property. We recommend that you be present on the day of installation to ensure accuracy.

Any fence line clearing or removal of old fences must be written into contract. Price is to be determined solely by FS.


Three year warranty on installation. Aluminum, chain link and vinyl manufacturer’s material warranties apply. Lumber is a product of nature therefore we cannot be responsible for its natural seasoning/drying process which may include some warping, cracking and shrinking. All nails are hot dipped galvanized and all posts are set in concrete to existing grade. Warranty is honored only if the contract is paid in full.


FS is required to call Ms. Utility to have utility lines marked on job sites that will be having excavation done. Ms. Utility will only mark public utility lines. Private utility lines will not be marked. The term “private utility lines” refers to the portion of any underground utility that is generally located on private property between the meter and the building.

Examples of PUBLIC utility lines: Electric, gas, phone/cable, water and sewer lines that are brought into a point by agencies such as Comcast, Verizon, Dominion Power, County/City water and sewer. This is not a complete list, just examples.

Examples of PRIVATE utility lines: Electric, gas, phone/cable, water and sewer lines that are added beyond the responsibility point of the public agencies. This would include electric lines that go to outbuildings (sheds, garages, pools, etc.), gas lines that go to grills, fire pits or pools, underground propane tanks, septic systems, well or irrigation systems. Private cable or Internet such as
Directv or Dish Network. This is not a complete list, just examples. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to make FS aware of any private utility lines and to have those lines marked prior to excavation by the homeowner. FS will not be responsible for any damage or cost to repair private utility lines.


By signing the accompanying contract, you agree to accept the stated price, accept the above mentioned terms and conditions, understand the above mentioned warranty limitations, understand the difference between public and private utilities and hereby authorize the specified work and that payment will be made as outlined.



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