Wood Picket Fences

At Fence Scapes we build all types of picket fences and gates. We take pride in supplying a fence or gate that is maintenance free and built to last. Reliability and security is something you can count on when we install or repair a picket fence on your property.

If you want a picket fence that provides security, defines boundaries, protects your property and establishes entryways, you can count on Fence Scapes to get it done right.

Wood Picket Fence Options

  •  Dog eared fence
  •  45-degree pointed fence
  •  Concave fences
  •  Convex fences
  •  Gothic post fences
  •  And anything else you specify

You can rest assured that the quality of construction we provide when building your picket fence or gate will guarantee durability while providing an extra measure of security. Even the sight of a picket fence around a property has proved to fend off potential thieves or trespassers.

Picket fences not only offer protection of your property but also serve as an attractive background for agriculture or a visual point of interest for your landscape. They can also significantly increase the value of your home or property.

Not sure what style you want? Contact Fence Scapes today and we will help you pick out the right style and design for your location from the spacing to the post.