Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is a great, low-maintenance fencing option that is not only eye catching but has become very popular because of the clean appearance and durability against time.

Vinyl Fence Styles We Build and Install

  • Five Foot Dog Eared Vinyl Picket Fence
  • Four Foot Concave Vinyl Picket Fence with 2 Inch Spacing
  • Four Foot Dog Eared Vinyl Picket Thru Rail
  • Four Foot Vinyl Rail Fence
  • Seven Foot Vinyl Privacy Fence
  • Six Foot Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice
  • Six Foot Vinyl Privacy Fence
  • Three Rail Vinyl Fence
  • Two Rail Vinyl Fence
  • Six Foot Vinyl Privacy Fence with Concave Pickets

Although all of our fences withhold against hazardous storms and weather and are built with incredible durability and strength, you can always rely on vinyl to never fade, rust, rot, or even appear old. Besides the “permanent” strength of vinyl, it also requires very little maintenance. If and when your fence gets dirty, simple soap and water gets it back to perfection. Fence Scapes offers a variety of vinyl fence designs that can be customized for any area or landscape.

Call or email us today so we can help guide you to finding the perfect vinyl fence for your property!